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We are a leading IT Company with an excellent reputation for providing a first class support and pro-active service to our clients. Granite Computers offer a complete range of IT services which include repairs, support, installation, networking, hardware, software, web site design, project management and consultancy. These can all be accompanied by our range of flexible support and maintenance contracts which can be tailored to your requirements.

We have been offering our products and services to small office, home office and small to medium businesses throughout the East Anglia area for over four years. Our head office and workshop is currently located in the village of Feering just outside Colchester with the advantage of easy road access, accompanied by free parking directly outside for any visitors.

Our friendly computer & server engineers each have a minimum of 7 years experience in the IT support industry. By combining this experience, our qualifications and our ongoing training, we can provide you with a solid & knowledgeable support team to provide the highest quality service available for your IT requirements both now and into the future.



We have gained valuable experience from our range of diverse clients

This enables us to provide fast and effective support and to offer assistance on a wide range of software and hardware vendors. Here is a brief list of the industries we deal with along with any software and hardware vendors.

Small to Medium Businesses

Own a small to medium business? Employ 1 to 200 users? Run your business from home? Use a computer? Need assistance with your I.T. setup or infrastructure? Fed up of your computer going wrong and just need some assistance every now and again? Starting to loose trust with your current I.T. provider? Then we can help. Our solutions are aimed at small to medium businesses across East Anglia and whichever your profession, as long as you use a computer, we can help.

We provide I.T. service & support for businesses that simply type word documents, right up to large finance companies with heavy data processing requirements, bespoke applications with remote workers based all over the country.


Already opened an additional branch in another remote location? Having trouble accessing data stored in your head office or paying expensive communication fee’s for super high speed leased lines? Then we can help. We offer solutions for multi-branch businesses and based on your exact requirements can recommend the best solution for your budget. We have experience with SIP trunks and VoIP, so if you are considering talking to your remote branch office over the telephone for no additional charge, you should get in contact. Contact one of our Engineers today to discuss your requirements in detail and we will be happy to help by advising the right solution for you.

Remote Office / Multi-Branch

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Payment methods

Unfortunately due to the nature of our business, we do not accept any credit or debit cards. Instead we accept most other methods including Cheques, Cash, BACS or Paypal* If your workstation (PC, Laptop, Server) is booked into our workshop for an upgrade, service or fixed fee (no fix no fee) repair, upon collection please be sure to bring along your receipt, a suitable method of payment and proof of ID such as a driving license or passport. You may also pay your invoice using BACS before collecting your workstation, if you wish to take advantage of this method, please notify us by telephone in advance and ensure your payment has cleared before you attempt collection of your PC. We regret we cannot release your workstation without payment unless you already have a business credit account or monthly support contract with us. *Paypal payments will incur a 3% surcharge. Please be aware that our workshop operates a strict collection and drop off time frame detailed below. 10am – 4pm Monday – Friday Workstations, Computers, Laptops or Servers can only be collected outside of these times by prior appointment. We thank you for your co-operation.



One of the most important areas of a business is the technology powering the systems. We feel it's very important for you to have confidence in your I.T. infrastructure so you can work efficiently and productively with minimal downtime. Here at Granite Computer Solutions we thrive on customer service and always aim to provide the best service possible. Our response times are second to none and in case of an emergency, we aim to be at your premises within just a few hours. Our vast range of services cover everything a SMB requires right from registering a domain name and hosting a website, right up to installing and supporting multiple server's across branch offices.

You can read a complete list of all our services on our full website



Confidence in Support One of the most important areas of a business is the technology powering the systems & software. We feel it is very important for a business to have confidence in their I.T. infrastructure so they can work both efficiently and productively continuously throughout the day or night. We make sure your system is working efficiently Part of our commitment to our clients is to ensure we furfil them with confidence in the systems, infrastructure and support we provide. We have a proven track record over the years and our clients are 100% happy with both the products and support services we provide.



Dedicated Account Manager

All our server support packages have the added bonus of a dedicated account manager, this ensures you only speak with the same member of staff when you call and you have one point of contact for the duration of any support or troubleshooting queries. Of course if your dedicated account manager is not available at times, you may speak with any other member of staff who will be happy help.

Whether your business has an allocated PC where you store all your critical data or you run a windows Small Business Server with other servers along side it, we can help. We support servers that provide data for 1 to 200 users.

Windows Server Support

We provide support packages for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server editions 2000, 2003, 2008 & 2011. Windows Server Standard and Enterprise editions 2000, 2003, 2008 & 8. Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003, 2007 & 2010. ISA Server 2004 & SQL Server editions 2000 onwards.

PC / Laptop


As with server support, workstation support is also one of our popular services. We provide complete hardware and software support for PCs, Laptops and most mobile devices. Our workstation support packages offer an immediate response time; within only a few rings of the telephone, our remote support software will allow us to connect to your workstation within 60 seconds where we can take control and provide assistance.

Unlimited support for a fixed fee

Just like our server support packages, our workstation support packages are fixed fee with the benefit of unlimited support usage. Whether you have a simple problem with Microsoft outlook that only takes a few minutes to resolve or you pickup a trojan or malware infection that may take hours to remove, you will still only pay one fixed fee at the end of the month.

Using Windows and Office?

With PC and Laptop support we also try to allocate a dedicated set of account managers, but due to the urgency of most workstation support issues, one of our technicians will normally help with your enquiry immediately. We provide support and assistance for all common software applications such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher & Outlook. We support Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 & 8 operating systems.

We offer fixed fee telephone and remote control support packages where we can perform our support remotely, fixed fee onsite support packages where if your problem cannot be resolved remotely we can attend your premises, or fixed fee onsite + parts support packages which cover any faulty part replacement too. This is all on a fixed fee basis per month ensuring you have no surprise bills.

Fully stocked workshop

We repair PCs daily in our workshop and have stock of most common parts. In the event of a hardware problem developing on your workstation, if it cannot be repaired within a few hours, we can offer you a temporary replacement PC to get you up and running until yours is fixed. This is standard cover with our onsite + parts package.



Whether it be LANs to WANs, VPNs to APNs, Site-to-site connectivity, Wireless Solutions, ADSL Bonding, failover solutions, small or large, we aim to supply a solution for every challenge put to us.

We work with all major brands

Having a huge range of network equipment from our chosen partners such as Netgear, ZyXEL & ZEN Internet at our fingertips, our team of highly experienced professionals can supply, configure, install and support almost any network equipment your business requires. our team of highly experienced professionals

Designing a network

It is of extreme importance that a network is designed and implemented correctly with adequate room for expansion in the future. A company's network infrastructure is sometimes over looked and if not monitored closely it is likely to drop or fail in performance massively. During site surveys a common sight for our engineers is multiple network switches scattered across office's floor space causing data to bottleneck under high demand.



We have contracts to suit your business requirements

Looking for a fixed fee monthly I.T. support maintenance plan from a local company you can trust? With unlimited support usage and priority response service? Well, we can certainly help.

Fed up of surprise invoices from your I.T. company for hours and hours of never ending labour? Could reading binary code make more sense than what you've been invoiced for? Fed up of paying huge invoices when things go wrong? Well, here at Granite Computer Solutions, we like to provide our clients with what we class as "Confidence in I.T.". In plain english, we have so much confidence in our skills, services and chosen hardware vendors, we can look after all your I.T. equipment for one fixed fee per month.

This will hopefully give you peace of mind that in the event of any problem, you will never have any surprise charges to resolve them. Although, we have years of experience trouble shooting and fault finding software & hardware problems, we also know that if an I.T. infrastructure is setup correctly in the first place, managed and monitored daily, then it is unlikely to ever fail.

Flexible support packages

We have tailed support contract packages to suit any business, we provide complete support packages for Small Business Servers, Standard Windows Servers, all the Antivirus & Backup vendors that you can think of and most other 3rd party software too. We monitor your server every minute of the day for any hardware or software faults, apply any hot fixes out of hours, install windows updates, we can help and repair it within a priority time period install driver updates, monitor connectivity & uptime's, monitor backup logs, monitor antivirus logs and monitor security authentication failures indicating possible hackers trying to access your systems. Should any faults occur hardware or software related, it is covered. If you take out one of our support packages, we see it as our responsibility to fix or repair any faults to ensure your server and network infrastructure remains online around the clock.



No ties pay as you go support

Looking for I.T. support on a pay as you go rate? Have non-urgent support requests that do not need a guaranteed response time? Don't have a monthly budget available for fixed fee unlimited support? Or already have an I.T. department and just want to use our expertise when you need it?

No ties support

Then our pay as you go I.T. support service will suit you or your business perfect. We provide the same level of service as we do to our contract customers, except without any parts and labour discounts or priority response time. We do however aim to respond the next day where possible. Just like our contract service, we provide the same level of expertise and have engineers available who specialise in certain areas. This gives you confidence that although you are paying hourly, you still have the best engineer working on your problem to keep the labour time to a minimum.

Support by phone, email, remote and onsite

We offer our pay as you go services using e-mail, telephone, remote control, at our workshop in Feering, Colchester or onsite at your premises throughout Essex or Suffolk. Whether your server is down, you have problems sending e-mails, your PCs have malware or viruses or you have experienced a disaster and need assistance getting your workstation up and running again, we can help. Our pay as you go remote labour rates are charged on a per 30 minute basis and our onsite rates are per hour. If you live within the CO, IP or CM postcode areas, then we have no call out charges either.

Server / NAS


Centralise your files and stream your media

Looking for home server or nas support? Purchased a box of tricks with flashing lights and have no idea what to do next? Have lots of photos, music, videos and documents that you want to transfer to it? Are you confident that in the event of a disaster you can still retrieve your data from it? Need to secure certain folders from other users?

We offer a full range of server and nas support services for home users. Our engineers are trained and experienced so can help out with any support issues you may have. We look after many home users server equipment and have experience working with all the common brands. Whether you simply need assistance setting up the e-mail maintenance alerts or require support on an ongoing basis, we can help.

Benefits of a server

Using a server at home can bring you many advantages including centralized e-mail storage, remote access to your data from anywhere in the world, having one large location for all your files and folders or simply using it to backup a complete household of PCs and Laptops should they ever fail. Here are some features you can benefit from:

Whichever your requirement, unless you are a trained computer or server engineer, there is a good chance you will require assistance at some stage. If you have an enquiry or wish to discuss your home server or nas support requirements in detail, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We can provide our home server or nas support services using our secure powerful remote control tools, at our workshop in Feering near Colchester or onsite at your home premises.



Solutions that pack a punch

Looking for I.T. Solutions that work for your business? Well, you've come to the right place.punch Since our launch in 2004 our solutions have enabled hundreds of businesses to work more efficiently and help grow their business. We take the stress out of your I.T. solution management and convert it to something that works for your business.

Small Business Server


Why Small business Server?

Designed and priced especially for small businesses with up to 75 users, Windows SBS 2011 Standard is a complete solution designed for customers who want enterprise-class technologies in an affordable, all-in-one suite.

Built on Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows SBS 2011 Standard includes Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1, Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010, and Windows Software Update Services.

Windows SBS 2011 Standard is a great opportunity for small businesses with prior versions of Windows SBS to upgrade their servers and to simultaneously take advantage of the advancements in security, reliability, and connectivity technology.

To make it easier to upgrade from prior versions, Windows SBS 2011 Standard software includes enhanced migration tools, extensive pre-migration checks, and prescriptive guidance.

Top features for Small Businesses

Small Business Server gives your the features to enable a enterprise level network. You may need more robust email solution or have you outgrown you workgroup setup? Here is a breakdown of the most popular Small Business Server features.

Microsoft Exchange


Instant. Secure. Mobile

In today’s modern world, everybody uses e-mail somewhere along the line. Without it businesses would need to rely on slow and low quality methods of communication such as post and fax.

With Exchange server 2010 e-mail management is simple and the features available are second to none. E-mail content can be sent securely, mailboxes can be as large as your hardware will allow, your 99% of spam can be reduced to 1%, spam and viruses can be managed at the host to reduce infection on your network from unsuspecting users accidently opening infected attachments, you can view your e-mail from anywhere with internet access and all your e-mail boxes can be backed up safely to a location of your choice.



We work closely with our chosen partners to ensure we are always knowledgeable of their products on offer. Our partner status and independent testing allows us to recommend the best product available on the market. We do not work on commission with any vendors and our solutions are always focused on providing the best bespoke service possible to meet our clients requirements.

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